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AWP | Exoskeleton (Field-Tested)

AWP | Exoskeleton (Field-Tested)

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Our algorithm carefully analyzes all skins on the Steam platform and creates a rating that includes only the most attractive skins for purchase. This means that there is a high probability that you will be able to sell them in the future at a higher price.

The rating is constantly updated in accordance with the changes on the trading platform. Our algorithm carefully tracks all the changes and updates the database on a daily basis. As a result, the composition of the top-rated skins may change every day. However, the skins that are included in the Top 100 are undoubtedly considered promising for purchase.

We provide information and ratings based on the analysis of the Steam market, but we do not offer specific recommendations for purchasing CS:GO skins. You can use our service and consider the rating we provide when making decisions about purchasing skins.

When buying and selling CS:GO skins, it is important to consider not only your own criteria and capabilities but also use the skin rating as additional information. It is recommended to regularly monitor the positions of skins in the rating and not make an instant purchase at the first encounter with a desired skin. It is wise to observe its changes over several days. For example, if a skin maintains its position in the Top 10 for several days, it can be a good indicator of its stability and potential.